Steven Dragonn

Born in Guangzhou, Dragonn graduated from the Afflicted High school of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2001. In 2005, he graduated from the Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with a BFA and went to France. In 2009, he had his master degree in the Film and Multimedia Arts Department of the Université de Paris-Est, France. He was the former curator of Contemporary Art Program of Memorial Hall of Lingnan School of Painting, chief curator of Kids’ Triennial of Canton, art director of R Space in Vancouver, Canada. Now he is an independent curator, working in both Guangzhou and Vancouver, founder of Canton-sardine, founder and teaching director of Contemporary Art Edu-institute, external teacher of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art.


Artist Statement

In recent years, I have always used B&W and “non-linear” as the core concept of my photography. The thinking about my curatorial work and, also studying film the early years in France. “Non-linear” is a professional term of film and television post-production, opposite to “linear”. In fact, life is “linear”, only art will attempt to break the linearity. The shot of photo maybe just the several moments of my life, every moment in my “linear” life path whether plays a “decisive” role, I have no idea, but these fragments of “non-linear” resurfaced several years later, perhaps restructuring my linear life.

龙邃洋生于广州,2001年 毕业于广州美术学院附中;2005年 毕业于广州美术学院雕塑系,获学士学位,同年留学法国;2009年 毕业于法国东巴黎大学电影与多媒体艺术系纪录艺术专业,获硕士学位;曾任岭南画派纪念馆当代艺术项目策展人,广州市高雅文化传播公司艺术策划,广州儿童三年展”总策展人,加拿大温哥华非营利艺术机构“融空间艺术发展基金会”艺术总监。现为独立策展人,工作居住于广州、温哥华两地,沙甸咸水埠艺术机构创始人,当代视觉艺术培训中心创立者及教学总监,《天南》杂志2015-2018年度设计总监,广州美术学院外聘教师。