Olivia Mattison is a Vancouver based student and artist, currently dragging out her B.F.A for as long as possible at Emily Carr University. After six years of mistakes in Vancouver- both academic and personal- Olivia has formed an interdisciplinary practice firmly grounded in her own experiences.

Whether this stems from a tenuously repressed childhood memory or a deep-seated narcissistic personality disorder; Olivia’s works are probes into her own unstable sense of self as she flails around desperately trying to understand herself and the world around her.

Much to her surprise, this (literal) vanity project connects to people other than herself. No matter what medium Olivia uses to create these images of herself they are stand-ins; stand-ins not just for the gross and unhappy parts of Olivia but for everyone who feels that way.

Olivia’s real joy in art making (and ostensibly her only real talent) is that after almost a decade of periodically trying to off herself, she is intimately familiar with all the nasty, upsetting and repulsive parts of herself; and most importantly how to laugh at them. Through her art Olivia uses her own depression, anxiety, humour, her occasional victories and more frequent failures, to create a language which can help others speak about their own similar experiences.

奥利维亚·马蒂森 (Olivia Mattison) 是立足于温哥华的艺术家,目前在艾米丽·卡尔大学(Emily Carr University) 漫长地攻读艺术学士学位。在温哥华经历了六年的错误(学术和个人错误)后,Olivia在自己的经验上牢固地建立了自己的跨界艺术实践。