My recent ceramics work is based on natural processes and raw earth materials. Experimentation is an important aspect of my studio practice and I focus on manipulating common materials using uncommon techniques. The forms are abstracted yet resemble the geological features of their origin. For example, in my Reinvented Landscape series, I included a low, continuous hum sound of the Earth.

Intensely expressive and energetic in character, my work reflects my eagerness to capture the dynamics and the mysteries of creation. My work undergoes a metamorphic process when first thrown by hand and subsequently manipulated by pushing materials in and out to get to a richness in texture, form, and visual density.

My work is the dialogue between deformation and refinement, abstraction and convention, familiarity and mystery. I interrogate these diverse positions and challenge the viewer to rethink their perception by spending time in the environment I have created.

我近期的陶瓷作品是基于自然的过程和天然的材料。我专注于用不寻常的技术处理常用的手法,进行艺术实验是我创作中的重要部分。事物的外形是抽象的,就像孕育它们的地质特征一样。例如,在我的《重塑景观》(Reinvented Landscape)系列中,我使用了一个连续的、低沉的嗡嗡声。