The far-reaching creative experiences of abstract artist Miriam Aroeste floods her work with a vibrance and life that jumps from her canvas as much as the vivid colours. Her curiosity and open explorations fill you with a sense of adventurous discovery, across layers of her personality as well as paint.

Bounding with energy, these lively pieces all tell their own story, and at the same time feel part of a bigger narrative. That comes from her deliberately inclusive and open style that welcomes anyone to become a part of her work and process.

“I am enamored with abstraction, because it is all created in the moment. A freedom in expression; it is whatever you want to see.”

Her vivacious works stand as mirrors to your emotions and allow an emotive interaction that strikes instant connectivity between the viewer and the work. It stirs a reaction to the bold and unabashed power, transcending the manifestation of verve through colour and shape. You get an immense sense of the artist’s personal discovery and creative journey thanks to the tactile qualities of her creations. “I love to feel,” she urges, rubbing her fingertips together as if she can hold her style between them. “I love texture, and to touch.” There lies amongst the many levels and grains an almost comforting, nurturing feeling of self-exploration, adding depth to the many coats of meaning that make up her work.

Within her lovingly expressive use of layering and storytelling, you feel a connection is cemented instantaneously. Thanks to the artist’s own deep emotional resonance with each painting, they appear as an outpouring of pure soul; a link like heartstrings to mood and core that dances tantalizingly within your grasp.

“When people buy your art, they buy you. That’s a huge part of the persona you have as an artist. We speak about our truth, because that’s all we have.”

The sculptural aspect of her layers and forms stream through from her early love of the medium, and her bronze-working father’s lifelong passion for his artwork. Her work has absorbed so much of her remarkable early years as a traveller and young explorer. A native to Mexico City, she was surrounded by astonishing shades of life, sun, and an incredible buzz of culture. Spending her early twenties living and studying in Paris and Rome she was totally immersed in a world of intellectual creatives discussing philosophy, art and society. “It was like Midnight in Paris,” she laughs, “with bottles of Chianti and discussions that carried on to 5am.” Captivated by influential artists and having a true connection to the established art world, Aroeste found her calling. “Something awoke inside me, I knew that visual arts is what I wanted to pursue.”

As that passion grew, so did her notoriety. Not only boasting exhibitions and gallery representation in the US, Canada and France, Aroeste also has extensive expertise in curating with a sharp eye for amazing work. With six years of Art Consultancy at the Vancouver Art Gallery, it seems there is no end to the artistic outlook and capabilities of this enriched, energetic talent.

Aroeste has many series of paintings and drawings to be proud of. Her individuality can be felt across each body of work, which are as unique as the feelings we possess when we see them. Being so biographical, Aroeste works on a series for as long as there is feeling left in it to explore, and then moves on without ever really looking back. “When I work on a series, I really go deep. When it’s complete, even if I try to add another brushstroke, there is something stopping Me.” she says, holding her own wrist to illustrate the compulsion. It’s as if the creative flow is something so powerful, it is out of her control.

“I feel so different when I paint a red painting as to when I paint a white one. All the colours speak with their own voices, and when they are bright, I really feel my passion shouting. I transform as I work; I react to the colour, and the colour reacts to me.”

Miriam Aroeste’s work is an incarnation of her vast familiarity with the world and it’s diverse flavour. It’s no surprise then to hear of her plans to pursue an even wider market locally and internationally. Heavy interest from galleries in Barcelona seem to us like the perfect match for this spirited and zealous artist, and we are thrilled to be able to support her desire and artistic appetite. Featuring her work in our gallery feels like our own personal slice of the exotic, and it warms our very soul right to the core.

MIRIAM AROESTE – Artist Statement

I am intrigued by the power of colour, line, and space that conveys in infinitely compelling ways. From the outset, I have been interested in depicting authentic, spontaneous emotion and experience in colorful, abstract ways, finding beauty and satisfaction in that which is intensely genuine and ultimately imperfect.

My work has both abstract visual appeal as well as an underlying conceptual basis. I am fascinated by the inner workings of the mind, conscious and unconscious thought, impulse and defense.  My work takes notions of transitional objects one step further and focuses on what we say to ourselves and others to nurture bliss.

My hope is that my work evokes the viewers’ own personal narratives, and that the inevitable, highly personal range in what’s seen and experienced, ultimately adds depth to the layers of meaning existent in my paintings… In the end, I hope my work stirs, provokes, and evokes in highly personal, evolving ways, causing viewers to look, then look again, finding new meaning over time, and in the process, remain alive and relevant.