Min Ren (任敏) – Artist Biography & Statement


Born in 1979 in Ningxia, China, graduated from the College of Fine Arts at Ningxia University in 2002, and earned a master’s degree in oil painting from the College of Fine Arts at Shanghai University in 2008. She is a member of the Shanghai Artists Association and the China Artists Association, as well as the Deputy Director of the Shanghai Yanhuang Painting and Calligraphy Art Research Institute. She is a professional painter.

Min’s works are primarily focused on landscapes, characterized by pure colors and a strong sense of form, with a tranquil and distant atmosphere. Beneath the simple and beautiful imagery, there is a revelation of an inner need for nature and a longing for a pure spiritual state. Since 2007, she has emerged from the group of young painters, with her works appearing in various national art exhibitions and winning numerous awards. In 2013, her work won the Excellence Award at the National Oil Painting Exhibition and the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee’s Outstanding Artistic Creation Achievement Award. Her work was twice selected for the National Jinling Top 100 Oil Paintings Exhibition, and in 2016, she was selected for the National Oil Painting Society’s “Visible Poetry” Oil Painting Exhibition, among others. In recent years, many of her paintings have been collected by domestic art museums, art foundations, and private collectors.

“I have gradually transitioned from realism or imagery to the world of expression or symbolism. Although my work’s content and medium are Western, its core artistic philosophy is still rooted in my cultural heritage, expressed as a spiritual need for the cultivation of a complete personality and the release of emotions. If art can be described as the spirit hanging on a wall, then the simplicity, distance, introspection, and purity presented in this series of works can bring a touch of cleansing and inspiration to the modern spirit mired in complexity and pollution.”

“Beauty exists on different levels, and it has healing power. The profound beauty of the world possesses strong healing power, derived from the laws of nature’s composition. When artists imitate nature, they emulate these natural laws rather than merely copying nature’s surface. Emphasizing the surface can lead both artists and viewers away from a more accurate direction. True value lies in revealing, not just reproducing.”

Her representative works include Passing by the Black Steps, The Paradise City, The Clean City, Shanghai 1920: City of Compassion, and series such as The Mystery Voyage Series, The Self-Healing of Mountains and Rivers Series, and The Zen of Objects Series.

任敏 – 艺术家简介







“我从写实或意象逐渐自发地走向了表现或象征的世界,虽然在内容和媒介上是西方的,但其绘画思想的核心还是民族的,表现为一种对完善人格与抒发情志的精神需要。如果说画是挂在墙上的精神,那么这一系列所呈现的简洁、悠远、内照、清净的精神之境,可为沦陷于繁杂与污浊的现代人之精神,带来点点洗涤与启发。 ”






Min Ren – CV




Third “Most Painting” Chinese Youth Oil Painting Exhibition (National Tour).


Ninth Shanghai Art Exhibition (China Art Museum, Shanghai);

“Century Symphony” — Award of Excellence for the Oil Painting Exhibition on the Centennial Changes of the Bund (Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum).


“Wu Dialect” — Shanghai Artists Invitational Exhibition (China Art Museum, Shanghai).


“Trace of Time” — China Jinling Top 100 Paintings Exhibition (Jiangsu Art Museum).


Shanghai Art Exhibition Celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China and the Selection Exhibition for the 12th National Art Exhibition (China Art Museum, Shanghai).


Seventh Shanghai Art Exhibition (China Art Museum, Shanghai).


Hosted “Clarity of Mind, Encountering Scenes” — a joint oil painting exhibition with Zhang Min, Hu Jining, and Ren Min (Shanghai Art Museum).


“Blooming Years” — Shanghai 70s and 80s Artists Invitational Exhibition (Shanghai Pudong New Library).


“Beyond Reality” — China Jinling Top 100 Oil Paintings Exhibition (Jiangsu Art Museum).


Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition (Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum).


National “Spirit of the Times” Oil Painting Exhibition and Collection (Beijing Kaisheng Art Museum)




The work Voyage Series – Prosperity won First Prize in the Fine Arts category at the 6th Shanghai Citizen Art Exhibition “Glorious Journey.”


The work Clean City I won the 2013 Shanghai Literature and Art Creation Achievement Award (Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department).

The work Paradise City VIII won First Prize in the “Dreamy Orient” 5th Shanghai Citizen Art Exhibition.

The work Voyage Series – Submergence was selected for the “Growth – 2013 National Youth Art Exhibition” New Star Award (Shanghai China Art Museum).


The work Paradise City II won the Excellent Work Award and was collected at the “Survival, Harmony, Beauty” Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition for the Shanghai World Expo (Shanghai Charity Foundation).


The work Passing by the Black Steps won the Excellent Work Award and was collected at the National Second “Scenery and Sentiment” Small-Scale Oil Painting Exhibition (Shanghai Gangtai Art Museum).

任敏 – CV



2018  第三届“最绘画”中国青年油画作品展(全国巡展)

2017  第九届上海美术大展(上海中华艺术宫)“百年交响”—外滩百年历史变迁油画作品展获佳作奖 (上海·刘海粟美术馆)

2016  “吴语·方言”—上海艺术家作品邀请展(上海·中华艺术宫)

2015  “时代足迹”中国百家金陵画展(江苏美术馆)

2014  庆祝建国65周年上海美术作品展暨第十二届全国美展选拔展(上海·中华艺术宫)

2013  第七届上海美术大展;(上海·中华艺术宫)

2012  举办“澄怀·遇景逢源—张民、胡继宁 、任敏油画作品三人联展”;(上海·美博会馆)

2011  “绽放年华”上海70、80艺术家邀请展(上海·浦东区新图书馆)

2010  “超越·现实——中国金陵百家油画作品展”(江苏·美术馆)

2009  上海青年美术大展(上海·刘海粟美术馆)

2008  全国“时代精神”油画作品展并获收藏(北京·凯晟美术馆)










作品《天堂城二》获 “生存·和谐·美好”上海世博会中国油画作品展优秀作品奖并收藏;