Michelle Bourget Morales is a Mexican visual artists that references feminism, gender, and the exoticism of the other through sculpture and painting. Michelle constructs artifacts and objects, that through materiality and aesthetics, create a sense of urgency in the observer with the aim of arousing a visual experience that entices the observer to feel, self reflect, and understand the abjection of gender, class, and cultural paradigms.

Currently residing in the unseeded territories of the Squamish, Tsleil-Wautuh, and Musqueam Nations [Greater Vancouver, BC], Michelle’s artistic practice examines the paradoxes of an elitist patriarchal cosmopolitan through the creation of culture. Her body of work analyzes the notions of seduction with the use of rich colours and materials, creating clusters that become stimulating and recognizable at first contact and will allow the observer to introspectively examine concepts of systemic rituals and policing along with high-low culture.

米歇尔·布尔吉·莫拉莱斯(Michelle Bourget Morales)是加拿大墨西哥裔视觉艺术家。她通过雕塑和绘画引用女权主义、性别概念和异国文化。 她通过人工和美学构造了人工制品和物体,从而给观众带来了一种紧迫感,其目的是唤起一种视觉体验,从而诱使观众从中获得感受,自我反映并理解性别、阶级和文化定式的摒弃。

米歇尔的艺术创作居住在原住民Squamish,Tsleil-Wautuh和Musqueam Nations [加拿大卑诗省大温哥华地区]地区,其艺术实践通过文化创造来检验一个重男轻女的世界性悖论。 她的作品通过使用丰富的色彩和材料来分析诱惑的概念,创造出在初次接触时就具有刺激性和可识别性的群体,并使观众能够内省地检查系统性礼仪和治安观念以及高低文化的概念。