Lion Nie

Born in the 1970s

Artist, Curator, Current Director of Beijing HanJian Fine Art Gallery

He has art studios in both Beijing and Vancouver. He has been in love with painting, drawing and photography since childhood.

He studied at the Department of Fine Arts of Henan University and the School of Economics and Management of Peking University. He is a member of the International Photography Society and the Photographic Society of New York. He has been engaged in brand planning, creative work and art collection for over twenty years. His personal works have been collected by many domestic and foreign companies, institutions and collectors.


2024【What on Earth】Duo solo exhibition, JIG ART VANCOUVER

2024 Group exhibition【Question】Abstract in China 2023-2024, Yichi Shanhai Art Museum, Beijing

2023 Group exhibition【19 codes】Manuscripts and Works; HanJian Fine Art Gallery, Beijing

2022 Solo exhibition【Relationship】Works by Lion Nie, HanJian Fine Art Gallery, Beijing

2021 Group exhibition【Informal】contemporary art exhibition, HanJian Fine Art Gallery, Beijing




曾先后学习于河南大学 美术系,北京大学 经济管理学院;国际摄影学会会员,纽约摄影学会会员;20年从事品牌策划创意工作和艺术品收藏;个人作品曾被国内、外多家企业机构,收藏家收藏。



2024 群展,【追问】抽象在中国2023~2024,一尺山海美术馆,北京;




REBIRTH  – Reading Lion Nie’s Paintings

Toni Zhang McAfee

The first time I saw Mr. Nie Jijun’s (Lion Nie) works was in his studio in Vancouver, with beautiful surroundings, a quiet garden, and a bright studio. An abstract acrylic work with green as the dominant colour came into view. His works seem to have a certain gravity and vitality, as if they immediately could take root in the present, grow, and infinitely evolve.

We all grow up and live in a social environment so, strictly speaking, all our output is social. Immigrant artists from all over the world bloom in this new land of Vancouver. Nonetheless, “art is true temperament,” and inevitably, artists still reset their creative paradigm and language, projecting and continuing their original creativity, formats and media. Canada’s unique and diverse artistic wealth continues to write a unique and diverse art history for the Canada’s Pacific Coast.

Mr. Nie’s arrival has injected new energy into this development. He made the symbol he used, the Möbiusband, and his original expression more vivid and dramatic, either making it the protagonist that fills the canvas, or using it to define the tone and extension of the meaning of the painting. The Möbiusband often is considered to be the creative source of the infinity symbol “∞.” If we walk on it, the journey will go back and forth endlessly and regenerate… infinite territory and unpredictable encounters.

It is not easy to achieve the visual pleasure of abstract works. The artist needs to have a strong sense of colour matching, and be adept even at generating synaesthesia, writing feelings with feelings, such as depicting auditory perception as visual representation, and taste perception as musical notes. Nie’s habit of painting with music, coupled with his keen perception and free and bold brushstrokes, has created a series of paintings that are vigorous, tranquil, profound, or bright, such as the triptych of Lyrical Tones, Blues, and The Smell of Peat in June.

Temporality, stages, cycles, and regeneration also are ubiquitous in Nie’s works. Works such as Beginning of Spring, Awakening from Hibernation, Grain Rain, and Summer Solstice come into view. The Chinese 24 solar terms comprise a system that integrates knowledge of astronomical phenomena, phenology, and seasons; it reflects the changes of seasons and natural laws. Nie uses seemingly disordered brushstrokes and colour blocks to summarize natural objects in the orderly world and establish his own visual kingdom. Regrowth, Unknown Growth, Natural Construction, and Memories in the Valley jump out of the regular world and adopt a painting language that is timeless and not defined by generations, expressing some phenomena and subtle existences in the metaphysical category, and are naturally revealing.

After a transoceanic journey, the artist came to Canada to complete the new paintings Flowing City and Wandering between Cities series. The entire series is set and summarized in Reborn and Symbiotic World. I can’t help but sigh at the torrents and ups and downs of the real world, the encounter of wind and clouds, and the profoundness and tranquility hidden in it. Everyone’s fate and footprints are gathered into the notes of life, interweaving and echoing. After reading Mr. Nie’s new works, it feels as natural as breathing, and as fresh and open as rebirth!

June 2024 at Lipont Gallery Vancouver


再生 – 读聂继军绘画作品



我们成长并生活在社会环境中,于是从严格意义上来说,我们输出的一切都是带有一定社会性的。来自世界各地的移民艺术家们在温哥华这块崭新的土地上绽放。然而 “艺术即是真性情” ,艺术家们仍不可避免地重置其创作系统和语言,投射并延续着他们的原初创造力,原初创作形式和媒介。加拿大这笔独有的多元艺术财富为加拿大西海岸续写着独特的和多元的艺术史。

聂先生的到来为这股发展注入了新的能量。他把自己原初的表达方式和所使用的符号——莫比乌斯带 (Möbiusband),进行了更加鲜明和戏剧性的发挥,或使之成为充斥画面的主角,或借之定义画作的基调和涵义的延伸。“莫比乌斯带常被认为是无穷大符号‘∞’的创意来源。” 如若我们在莫比乌斯带上面走下去,循环往复无尽头,永续并再生……无限的疆域和无法预知的种种邂逅。


时间性,阶段性,循环性,再生性也在聂先生作品中无处不在。【立春】【惊蛰】【谷雨】【夏至】等作品映入眼帘。“二十四节气是一个融天象、物候、时令等知识为一体的系统;反映季节的变化和自然规律。” 画家用貌似无序的笔触和色块归纳有序世界中的自然物象,建立起自己的视觉王国。 【再生】【未知生长】【自然构建】【山谷间的记忆】跳出规律世界而采取不受时间影响的,不受断代定义的绘画语言,表达形而上范畴的一些现象和微妙的存在,自然流露,浑然天成。



Lion Nie 语言Quotes



Abstract painting is to awaken one’s own cognition and use thoughts to express the current state of mind or the world that has never been perceived.

——Lion nie



Art is inseparable from the expression of “love, hate, life, death, and desire”. Abstract painting pays more attention to the existence of spirituality and emotionality. Its works are consistent with growth experience and cognition, otherwise the presentation of the work is a false expression.

——Lion nie



The world is originally a world of black, white and gray. It is only because of humans, emotions and inner agitation that the world becomes colourful. Abstract art needs to be appreciated with heart. The works impress not only your eyes, but also touch your soul that resonates with the author.

——Lion nie



Art is useless, but it is a good medicine for the spirit.

——Lion nie



My works contain the cultural context of traditional oriental painting and calligraphy, as well as my understanding of visual design, photography art, and Western philosophy. These elements are nourishing me.

——Lion nie