Born in 1978 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.
1998 BA in Sculpture, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
1998-present, Instructor at middle school of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
The False Reality of Visual Games – Chao Li’s Woodcarvings

Guangzhou young sculptor Li Chao (李超) ‘s professionalism and avant-garde creative concepts have made his sculptures draw the attention of the art world in recent years. He has been active in international sculpture competitions and sculpture seminars. His works are in the collection of Guangdong Museum of Art and private collections.

Li Chao’s ultra-realistic woodcarvings are simple in subject matter, and naturally present his thoughts, confusions, and feelings about himself and the world. The wood was liberated in his hands. The smooth and mirror-like liquid, life-like water stains, and the effect of the binding of the tape caused by the strong viscosity were faithfully demonstrated in his sculptures. Despite the illusion, all his sculptures are carved out of one whole piece of wood. The “integrated” woodcarving production has a strong visual impact. The realistic effects make viewers feel as if the objects on the surface of the sculpture are real. Professor Gao Meng of the Department of Sculpture of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts believes that Li Chao has established a close relationship with nature through wooden sculpture and has taken a meticulous turn to create a visual life-like false reality.