Edward Peck studied photography, fine arts, conceptual art, historical techniques, film, and literature at the University of British Columbia. He then went on to work under a number of artists to develop his technical skills in photography, film, etching, watercolour, performance art and drawing. This has led him to work in many mediums over the years. Currently he is working with digital photographic processes and has shown his work in both group and solo exhibitions. Peck works collaboratively with other visual artists, exhibiting locally and internationally. His work is held in private, corporate and public collections. Peck also edited and produced anthologies of Canadian Literature as well as assisted in the editing of a Canadian literary journal. This has led to his editing and production of artist books and exhibition catalogues.

Peck’s digital prints are a recent addition to his repertoire, a departure from his traditional black and white imagery of some years ago. Whereas the content of his paintings more recently focused on the human body and its contours, planes and colours, he is currently exploring the shapes, textures and colours of our environment. While his most recent paintings celebrated the uniqueness of the individual, his new prints primarily reflect a unique and abstracted view of landscape, the human imprint and our constructed space. These reflections explore the intersections where our landscapes transition both naturally and as result of human alterations and conflicts in our constructed spaces. The abstracted imagery is expressed through the emotional connection we have with colour, light, pattern, texture and shapes, evoking various metaphorical aspects of the earth.

Restless and curious, Edward Peck has several projects in motion at the same time. This workflow makes time for marinating ideas, collaboration and linking ideas to the transitional nature of the world. Recently, his collaborative work with other artists, has opened up a deep discussion about the boundaries of artistic forms and audience: what it means to be living on the edge of a rain forest in a modern society that is engaged in a planetary destruction. What is the artist’s role? How does an artist reflect this in their work?

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Edward Peck – CV

Over forty years of work in drawing, photography, graphics, publishing, painting, etching and film making.


2020 Natural Alchemy: an exhibition of plant-based art, Coquitlam, BC
2019 Collaborative Alchemy, Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam, BC
2019 Salon Six, Landmark Gallery, White Rock, BC
2019 Collaborative Alchemy, Amelia Douglas Gallery, New Westminster, BC
2019 Collaborative Alchemy, Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam, BC
2019 Formulation of Time, Lipont Gallery, Richmond, BC
2019 Natural Alchemy:an exhibition exploring natural processes, Cityscape Arts Space
2018 In the Blind of an Eye, Port Moody Art Centre, Port Moody BC
2017 Seymour Art Gallery Jurried Group Show
2017 North Vancouver Arts Council Jurried Award for best photographic work
2016 Intervals: Photography in Flux, Capture Photography Festival, South Main Gallery, Vancouver BC
2015 Telling Stories, On-Tak Gallery, Vancouver BC
2014 Shelter Island, Die Bedürfnisanstalt, Hamburg, Germany
2014 Shelter Island Series, Solo Show, Truth and Beauty Gallery, Vancouver BC
2014 Tree: Literal and Figurative, On-Tak Cheung Gallery at CCCM, Vancouver BC
2013 The Dark of the Night, Photohaus Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2013 Abstract Expressionsism, Photohaus Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2013 Bikes Inside, Hot Art Wet City Pop Up Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2012 Industrial Abstraction, Solo Show, Port Moody Art Centre, Port Moody, BC
2012 Mobileography Exhibition, PhotoHaus Gallery
2012 iSpy Exhibition, The Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, Virginia
2011-2019 Art Rental & Sales Events, North Vancouver Community Arts Council (Curators Award 2016)
2011 Twigs, Paper Foam. 221a Artist Run Centre, Concourse Gallery, Vancouver, BC.
2011 6 x 6 show, The Arts Centre Port Moody
2011 Street Photography; Vancouver Show; Mobileography Exhibition; PhotoHaus Gallery;
2011 Concrete Box, Discovery 2011. Seymour Art Gallery, Deep Cove, BC.
2010-2019 Mid Main Exhibition, Heritage Hall, Vancouver BC
2010 Jumpstart. Round House Gallery
2005-2014 Selected Works. Lord Byng Gallery Community Show
2003 Selected Watercolours. Karma Gallery

Film and TV

2012 Beached, The Haunting Hour Series, Television Series Usage
2012 Salt, Out of Time Series, Television Series Usage
2012 Water Passion, The Haunting Hour Series, Television Series Usage
2012 Straition, Green Dot Films Producers, Time Warner


2018 Publisher, Arrangements
2017 Publisher, Up on the Roof (and revised edition 2018) Debra Sloan: Magic Realism; a lumen print collection. Phyllis
Schwartz; Seeking the Nuance (revised edition) Glenn Lewis, Phyllis Schwartz and Debra Sloan
2016 Publisher, Intervals: Photography in Flux Capture International Photography Festival
2015 Publisher, Telling Stories: A Visual Art Exhibition On-Tak Cheung Exhibition Hall
2014 Publisher, Artists in Residence: Mary Filer and Harold Spence-Sales, with Phyllis Schwartz
2013 Publisher, Tree:Literal and Figurative; My Brooklyn Childhood
2012 Publisher, Poetic Abstractions; An Engineer at Large; So Sad When Good Groups Go Bad
2011 Photographer, St. Paul’s Hospital Art Collection
2009 Publisher, Seeking the Nuance.Glenn Lewis GGA
2007-2009 Editor, Artist in our Midst Catalogue,
1976-1978 Editor, Comcept Publishing, Series Editor. Six publications
1976-1978 Assistant Editor, Canadian Fiction Magazine


2016 Curation, Intervals: Photography in Flux, Capture Photography Festival 2016, with Phyllis Schwartz

Professional Activities

2019-2020 Instructor Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby, BC
2007-2008 Coordinator, Artist in our Midst,
2002-Present Agent for Dorncilla Drysdale (Works sold in galleries in Chicago and New York)
1999-2015 Certified Psychotherapist Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
1998–2006 Secretary-Treasurer, BC Chapter of the Canadian Counselling Association
1998-2000 Research Pilot Program, Enactment Therapy for War Veterans
1996–2005 President, West Point Grey Community Centre Association, and Board Member
1993- 2007 Board Member, Interlock Employee and Family Counselling Services


1999–present Emily Carr, Professional Development Courses
1998 MA Counselling Psychology, University of British Columbia
1976-79 Art Education, University of British Columbia
1976 Teacher Certification, University of British Columbia
1974 BA English Literature/BFA, University of British Columbia


Edward Peck 曾在加拿大卑诗大学学习摄影、美术、观念艺术、历史技术、电影和文学。然后,他继续在许多艺术家的手下工作,以发展他在摄影、电影、蚀刻、水彩、表演艺术和绘画方面的技术技能。这使他多年来在许多媒体上工作。目前,他正在从事数码摄影过程,并在群展和个展中展示了他的作品。派克与其他视觉艺术家合作,在本地和国际上展出。他的作品被私人、企业和公共收藏。派克还编辑和制作了加拿大文学选集,并协助编辑了一份加拿大文学期刊。这导致他编辑和制作艺术家书籍和展览目录。