Lipont Gallery is excited to present artist Daniil Alikov’s genre-defying body of work, NEW BEAUTY, to Metro Vancouver’s audiences.

Originally a virtual visualist, Alikov has leaped into the practice of fine art and has gone beyond the visual. He produces conceptual artworks that blend the border of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. The intricately-overlapped and embossed canvases, strips of gradient materials, drawn patterns and symbols create an illusionistic dimension. The hard edges, symmetrical curves and the non-narratives speak of scientific systems, futuristic notions, and fashion metaphors.

Currently, he is working his way into the seventh “generation” of this series, which started with black and white, sharp-contrast, two-dimensional canvases, was developed into more pristine black fields, and currently progressed on, to mixed-media sculptural objects that he calls assemblages.

The materiality aspect of the recent Generation 6 and Generation 7 makes it as if the artist is venturing from order to relative disorder, from simplicity to richness, from monotonic to chromatic. Either entangled, sewn together or carefully arranged and layered, the materials such as nylon straps and buckles, translucent glassine, reflective fabrics, zippers, elastic fasteners, and hand-made mini domes show a bit of the veteran visual effect artist’s “cyber soul”, which is a liberating approach to fine art. Alikov’s exhibition, NEW BEAUTY, is free of social and cultural boundaries. It invites the audience to examine their cognition from within and through the phenomenon called “artistic creation”.

Alikov will give a public talk on December 6th to decipher his art.


Opening Reception: Saturday December 3rd 2022, 2-5pm

Artist Talk: Tuesday December 6th 7-8pm

Exhibition: December 3rd 2022 – January 6th 2023
Mon – Fri 10-5, Tue until 8pm
Closed on weekends, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, and January 2nd

Daniil Alikov – Biography

Daniil Alikov was born in 1980 in Western Siberia. His father was a historian and mother is a piano teacher.

Post-soviet grey reality of 80’s contrasted a lot with the extraordinary talent of a young boy who had a vivid imagination and started early on poetry, music and drawing. In his teens Daniil got interested in computer graphics which then became a pivotal moment in his development as a visual artist. Daniil was obsessed with new technologies and he put all his efforts in not only educating himself and learning new software but also in becoming a skilled professional in the field of graphic design and computer graphics in particular.

After leaving his hometown in 2007 Daniil moves to Moscow and then Singapore and Canada working as a digital artist in the Visual Effects (VFX) industry he gets credited in many blockbuster movies such as Avengers: Endgame, Deadpool, Star Wars and Transformers to name a few.

Once acquired one skill, Daniil Alikov looks for new ways of self-realization which, in 2014, brings him into Fine Arts. Without any academic background, not knowing anything about art history or contemporary art Daniil gets fully immersed into a fascinating and alluring art world. Self-educating again, reading, listening to lectures and interviews, visiting art galleries and museums and, of course, practising art himself Daniil experiments, changes styles, exploring different approaches and materials, restlessly and passionately devoting himself to this new endeavour. Being a delicate and thoughtful artist, Alikov creates a new visual language where rules are modifiable and variations are infinite.

丹尼尔·阿里科夫 – 艺术家简介

丹尼尔·阿里科夫 (Daniil Alikov) 1980 年出生于西西伯利亚。他的父亲是一位历史学家,母亲是一位钢琴教师。


2007 年离开家乡后,阿里科夫移居莫斯科,然后移居新加坡和加拿大,作为视觉效果 (VFX) 行业的数字艺术家,他在许多大片中获得赞誉,例如《复仇者联盟:终局之战》、《死侍》、《星球大战》和《变形金刚》。

在掌握了一技之长后,阿里科夫就会寻找新的自我实现方式。2014 年,他开始进入美术领域。没有任何学术背景,对艺术史或当代艺术一无所知的丹尼尔完全沉浸在迷人的艺术和世界中。他再次开始自学,阅读,听讲座和访谈,参观美术馆和博物馆,当然还有自己勤加练习。他不断实验,改变风格,探索不同的方法和材料,充满不懈热情地踏上新的征程。致力于成为一个娴熟而深思熟虑的艺术家,他创造了一种新的视觉语言,其中规则可以修改,变化是无限的。
Daniil Alikov目前他与夫人和两个女儿居住在加拿大卑诗省列治文市。他在世界领先的VFX工作室之一工作,并继续创作他原创、新颖、生动和奇特的艺术作品。


Daniil Alikov – Artist Statement

I make new beauty.
My art has no meaning other than to be new and beautiful.

– Daniil Alikov, 2022

But… I heard the artist’s statement must be longer. Well, below you got some additional reflections.

The art I make is purely abstract and non-objective. It’s mostly inspired by fashion, design, technology, Internet culture and futuristic fantasies.

I constantly develop my visual language which I build as an universal set of elements with a potential to be perfectly combined with each other in any configuration.

I like breakthroughs and novelties. Also I like to expand my style by breaking my own rules. That’s how my things grow. By rebuilding themselves.

I’m a lazy artist. I don’t want to explain my art. First, because pure abstract art doesn’t need that. Secondly, because I simply don’t know. This is the truth I would like to share with you. For some things I’m not intelligent enough and I don’t think I really need to be.

丹尼尔·阿里科夫 – 艺术家自我阐述


– 丹尼尔·阿里科夫






恭喜!亲爱的观众们,在这里,你有充分的解释自由,你可以决定什么是你看到的 自我定义看到了什么。


Daniil Alikov – CV

b. 1980



Self-taught artist



Dec 2022 – Jan 2023

solo exhibition: NEW BEAUTY

Lipont Gallery, Richmond, BC, Canada


Sep 13 ‒ Nov 23, 2022

solo exhibition: NEXT LEVEL

Amelia Douglas Gallery, New Westminster, BC, Canada



Private collection, New York, NY, USA

Private collection, Monaco, Monaco

Private collection, Tokyo, Japan

Private collection, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Private collection, Berlin, Germany

Private collection, Boston, MA, USA

Private collection, London, UK

Private collection, Malaga, Spain

Private collection, Portland, OR, USA

Private collection, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Private collection, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Private collection, Lausanne, Switzerland

Private collection, Sydney, Australia

Private collection, Chicago, IL, USA

Private collection, Atlanta, GA, USA

Private collection, Solana Beach, CA, USA

Private collection, Athens, Greece

Private collection, Singapore, Singapore

Private collection, Tyumen, Russia

Private collection, Bielefeld, Germany



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“Speculative Tech: The Art of Daniil Alikov” By Dallas Jeffs

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Create your own meaning in New Westminster art exhibit

丹尼尔·阿里科夫 艺术家履历








2022 12 – 2023 1

个人展:NEW BEAUTY 【新的美】

温哥华力邦美术馆 (Lipont Gallery), 加拿大卑诗省列治文市


2022 9 13 日至 11 23

个人展:NEXT LEVEL 【进阶】

阿米莉亚·道格拉斯画廊 (Amelia Douglas Gallery), 加拿大卑诗省新西敏市

























201912月【蓝蜂杂志卷 2(Bluebee magazine)(在线预览)



Canvas Rebel 采访丹尼奥·阿里科夫

ONLY-abstract 【采访丹尼奥·阿里科夫】

达拉斯·杰夫斯 【科技股:丹尼奥·阿里科夫的艺术】

画室内 – Saatchi Art