De la Cajiga is a painter and photographer based in Vancouver. She calls herself an explorer and an illusionist as her interests reside in the transformation of reality. Her concern is the creation of artwork that shows the tension between intellect and intuition, enjoyment and surprise. When painting, she represents what exists in her mind. When photographing, she removes what exist to leave only what her mind searches. She embraces analysis and exploration to keep producing stimulating and exciting artworks.

De la Cajiga’s introduction to art started at the Louvre Museum in Paris. She has attended Langara College, Capilano University, and Emily Carr University in Vancouver; the Art Institute in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, and the Academy of Realist Art in Seattle, USA.

She has exhibited in a variety of galleries in Canada, Mexico, the U.S., and Venezuela. Her artwork is in the collections of West Vancouver Museum, Business Council of BC, Richmond Hospital, and private collections in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Mexico, Spain, the U.S., and Venezuela.


De la Cajiga 是一位住在温哥华的画家和摄影师。她称自己为探险家和魔术师,因为她的兴趣在于现实的转变。她关注的艺术创作展现了智慧与直觉、享受与惊喜之间的张力。在绘画时,她代表了她心中存在的东西。在拍摄时,她移除了存在的东西,只留下她的脑海中搜索的东西。她拥抱分析和探索,以不断创作令人兴奋和令人兴奋的艺术作品。

De la Cajiga 对艺术的介绍始于巴黎的卢浮宫。她曾就读于温哥华的兰加拉学院、卡皮拉诺大学和艾米丽卡尔大学;墨西哥圣米格尔阿连德艺术学院和美国西雅图现实主义艺术学院。


CAROLINA DE LA CAJIGA – Artist Statement

What You See Is Not What It Is, But What My Mind Sees.

Like an archaeologist slowly brushes away the dust surrounding a found object, I carefully remove the photographic noise in my shots of extremely fast-moving light until I discover the hidden gems. I reduce or amplify the elements in the original capture to leave only what my mind sees. My background in sculpture and painting blends with photography and permeates in the sleek or intricate designs, which takes a 3-D look.

To describe my technique, I coined the term “Katharography” from Greek Katharós: to scratch, to clean, to purify, and Graphy: to illustrate.

I will keep exploring. I love to search for what will allow the transformation of my thoughts into reality. What you see Is not what it is but what my mind sees.


就像考古学家慢慢地擦去发现物体周围的灰尘一样,我小心地去除了拍摄速度极快的光线中的摄影噪音,直到我发现了隐藏的宝石。我减少或放大原始捕获中的元素,只留下我的头脑所见。我的雕塑和绘画背景与摄影融为一体,并渗透到时尚或复杂的设计中,具有 3D 外观。

为了描述我的技术,我创造了来自希腊语 Katharós 的术语“Katharography”:刮擦、清洁、净化和 Graphy:说明。