January 6, 2018 – February 4, 2018

Joseph Synn Kune Loh – UNLOCKING THE CODE – Retrospective Exhibition

Vancouver Lipont Art Centre presents UNLOCKING THE CODE – Retrospective Exhibition of Joseph Synn Kune Loh. Loh is a visual artist, a published poet, a design consultant, and international speaker on the evolution of consciousness. His career spans from the 70’s to present and from Hong Kong, China, USA and to Canada.

Among the one hundred artworks in the exhibition, many early works were never seen by Canadian audiences. This body of relatively unknown and under-represented work all converges at the retrospective exhibition that catalyst new conversations on “art in Vancouver”.

An artist’s life-long fascination with the ancient mystery school of China is documented by Joseph Loh’s series of paintings done over forty years, beginning with abstract landscapes in the late 1970s, to introspective drawings in the 1980s, to a spiritual transformation series titled “Plato’s Cave” in the 1990s, to galactic and Buddha forms in the millennium, and to molecular language – his most recent creative expression. Loh’s vast visual horizon leads you to stand where the known meets the unknown, and to realize what had been buried in our tribal instincts are images of recognizable importance to our personal and cultural lives.