Shudeng Feng

Shude Feng – Artist Biography

In 1948 Shude Feng was born into a family of calligraphers and painters in Beijing. Adhering to family precepts and rooted in traditional culture, she has loved calligraphy and painting since childhood.

After graduating from Tianjin Arts and Crafts School in 1970, Feng continued her practice in traditional Chinese flower-and-bird painting meticulously and studied under renowned artists such as Tian Shiguang, Sun Qifeng, and Yu Fuqian. She has reached a deep understanding of the essence of traditional Chinese realistic paintings and has been carrying out her own elegant styles. Her works have been exhibited in China, abroad and acquired by collectors.

After moving to Vancouver in 2004, Feng continues her career and started teaching. Her students won gold and silver awards in various international Chinese painting and calligraphy competitions.