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Artist: Amy Chang


Porcelain, slip casting and hand building with underglaze, elect fire
L 14.5 x h 7.5 x w 5.8”

Amy Li Chuan Chang received her Bachelor of Business degree in Taiwan in 1980. Soon after moving to Vancouver in 1995 Amy went on to complete a diploma degree of studio art from Capilano University in 2003 and a BFA degree from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2007. Since then, Amy became a studio artist and established studio at home. Amy’s work focused on contemporary ceramics sculpture. Her pieces have been exhibited around Vancouver area and overseas in recent years.

Artist Statement – Artificial Intelligence – Amy Chang 2021
In recent years, I have been producing a series of works under the title New Industrial Revolution. This body of work portrays my fascination with the visual language of industry energy. Levers, screws, cog wheels and other machines parts are all symbols that suggest movement, production, and the harvest of energy.
Started from 2018 the new pieces are further developing my ideas of fusing industrial elements with unknown creatures. The new group of works allowed me to explore a fantasy where all kinds of hybrid animals are equipped with mysterious and unpredictable functions. I consider this exploration my versions of Artificial Intelligence.
Amy Li Chuan Chang 于1980年在台湾获得商科学士学位。1995年移居温哥华后不久,Amy 于 2003 年获得了卡皮拉诺大学的工作室艺术文凭和艾米丽卡尔艺术与设计大学的艺术学士学位。2007年,Amy成为工作室艺术家,并在家里成立了自己的工作室。Amy的作品专注于当代陶瓷雕塑。近年来她的作品在温哥华地区和海外均有展出。
人工智能 – 张丽娟 2021

从 2018 年开始,我的新作品进一步促进了我将工业元素与未知生物融合的想法。新的这组作品是我的幻想世界。在这里,各种杂交动物出没,神秘而不可预测。我认为这次探索是我心目中的人工智能。

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