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Artist: Amy Chang


Ceramic, metal, oil paint
6.8 x 6.4 IN (17.5 x 16.5 CM)

Amy Li Chuan Chang received her Bachelor of Business degree in Taiwan in 1980. Soon after moving to Vancouver in 1995 Amy went on to complete a diploma degree of studio art from Capilano University in 2003 and a BFA degree from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2007. Since then, Amy became a studio artist and established studio at home. Amy’s work focused on contemporary ceramics sculpture. Her pieces have been exhibited around Vancouver area and overseas in recent years.

Part of the series ‘Industrial Revolution’ exploring the artist’s fascination with the visual language of industrial energy, the surface of the teapot is covered with large, reflecting polka dots, the spout and handle made of clay metal-like valves. The lid is decorated with three protruding rows pierced with holes, two mechanical wheels, and a spherical knob designed in ceramic and held together with metal screws and bolts.

Chang’s signature style incorporates the fabrication of mechanical parts. The artist renders these seemingly industrial parts out of pure clay. The glaze contributes to the illusion, as a metallic coating highlights these unique features.

Amy Chang’s work has been exhibited at various international ceramic exhibitions both in America and in Asia, including the Mino International Ceramic Competition of 2011 and the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale of 2008. She has also exhibited locally in many galleries, such as the Deer Lake Art Gallery, the BC Gallery of Ceramic, and the Richmond Art Gallery. Last year, she won the bronze prize at the inaugural World Ceramic Teapot Art Competition held in Yixing, China, better known as the traditional center for producing teapots.

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