Dragon Fruit Lady

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Artist: Anja Nov

Dragon Fruit Lady

pen and digital colour on paper

Edition of 100

14 x 11 inches

In Dragon Fruit Lady, I use a combination of pen illustration and digital colouring to create a symbol of self-love. The dragon fruit as a symbol stands on one hand for all that a dragon does—fierceness, protection, and power. On the other, the fruit comes from a giant, willow-like cactus. Armed with spikes, it warns that beauty and boundaries go side-by-side.

Dragon Fruit –Selenicereus undatus

The Dragon Fruit is a symbol of protection, beauty, and vitality. From an aesthetic perspective, the pitaya is incredibly tempting: bright pink skin, green spikes, and a black-and-white inside makes for a colour combination that is always appealing.

Yet, there is another side: the dragon fruit comes not from a tree, like figs or pomegranates, but from a giant, willow-like cactus that houses thousands of spiky needles. It may be stunning, but the pitaya can be dangerous if approached half-haphazardly. It reminds us that sharpness and beauty go together, and that those worth our while will always approach us with gentleness and care. Beyond all else, it instills in us a self-love that insists we witness our own sweetness and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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