Corner in Space – Rincón en el Espacio

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Artist: Pepe Hidalgo

Corner in Space – Rincón en el Espacio

acrylic on canvas

48 X 36 inches (121.92 X 91.44 cm)

signed front and back

The artwork is inspired from news and information about waste that is left in space. I hope the viewers will think about whether we have the right to continue to contaminate space. I want to provoke people to think about our garbage and share information about what our society is leaving behind. – Pepe Hidalgo

Virtual Exhibition:

Pepe Hidalgo was born in Spain and now resides in Vancouver. He predominantly paints with acrylic and sketches. Hidalgo studied fine arts in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Hidalgo has a distinct element present in his paintings. There is a string or cord that can be seen in the majority of his work. It acts as the umbilical cord that unites him to the universe and allows him to time travel back and forth as it supports his weight and pulls him back into reality. It also takes on the role of identity maker and can almost be considered to replace his signature.

Artist interview and more information.

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