Catherine Adamson

Catherine Adamson, of Vancouver, B.C., holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts and English Literature from the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) (2003). While there, she held a solo exhibition in the university’s gallery with 50 works of art. Next, she spent three years researching, writing, and publishing a non-fiction book: (2006) Heidi Dawn Klompas: Missed Opportunities. Post book, Catherine began exploring different methods of art making.

Her ‘free-flow’ method soon emerged, with her allowing the paint to flow freely from the end of a flat stick and down onto a prone canvas. Building layers of colour, texture, and movement, she creates an intriguing depth within her paintings that viewers find exciting. An Emily Carr University student wrote to tell her that she was “Van Gogh meets Jackson Pollock.” Catherine has participated in many solo and juried group exhibitions in and around Vancouver and Maui for the past twelve years, winning several awards along the way from the Federation of Canadian Artists. She has sold over 350 pieces to date and is well on her way to becoming one of Vancouver’s best-known artists. In 2015, Catherine was honoured when her alma mater, UFV, purchased seven of her paintings to grace the walls of the president’s office and university board rooms.

Painting is Catherine’s passion, and she manages to convey this in every piece. The colours are vibrant; the lines and textures twist and writhe and invite your fingers to touch. Her paintings often evoke strong emotions in the viewer. For Catherine, this is true success – to paint something that creates an emotional response in those who gaze upon it. Seeing this brings her great joy and satisfaction.

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